6 IN 1 Ring:bit Bricks Pack : Lego compatible building and coding kit for micro:bit

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Ring: bit är söt lego baserad på Micro:bit för att göra det möjligt för barn att lära sig att utveckla sin kreativitet och lära sig att programmera. Det finns sju projekt att bygga, vilket verkligen gör det möjligt för barn att lära sig mycket och utveckla sin förmåga att lösa problem.

Ring:bit expansion board: A simple PCB for the micro:bit. 

(1) Extends the micro:bit’s 3 GPIO ports. 

(2) Convert the P0/P1/P2 port to the common GVS port. 

(3) loaded with 3 pieces AAA batteries to drive the car or other accessories.

Six Fun Cases In One Kit: kids can build 6 shapes, including traffic lights, bricks car, temperature-controlled fans, smart desk lamp, wipers and trebuchet.

Well-designed Assembly Instructions and Courses: it makes the kids learn the coding easily as well as how to build blocks in an interesting way.

Almost 200 Pieces Bricks: In fact, children can use these rich building blocks to build more favorite shapes

TIPS: WITHOUT micro: bit and BATTERY !!! Suitable for ages over 7 years old.

Shipping list 

  • 1x Ring:bit board
  • 200+ LEGO-compatible bricks/pieces
  • 2x 360-degree servos
  • 1x Rainbow LED strip
  • 6x Rubber bands
  • 1x Screwdriver

Wiki tutorial 

Case Demonstration through DIY Programming: Children can set microbit buttons and values for operation by themselves, like the following case.

microbit blocks car
microbit robot car


While button A being pressed, the trebuchet executes the launch order and will return to its original launch status automatically.

Bricks Car

While pressing button A+B, the car moves at the full speed; button A for turning to the right side at the full speed; button B for turning to the left side at its full speed; the screen faces downside for moving back at the full speed; and shake the car for stopping.


When button A being pressed, the wiper begins working; while buton B being pressed, the wiper stops working.


microbit kit
microbit set
microbit light led

Temperature-controlled Fans

When the value is over 28 degrees, the fan turns; while less than 26 degrees, the fan stops turning.

Traffic Lights

When power on, the red LED lights on for 3 seconds, then the yellow led in 1 second and the green one in 3 seconds at last.

Smart Desk Lamp

It lights on automatically while the surrounding light is low and lights off when the returned value is higher than your set point.


Almost 200 Pieces Bricks

microbit car

Children can use these rich building blocks to build more favorite shapes!

Creativity Is Not Limited to These Six Cases

microbit kit