Arduino Sensor Kit - Base

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The Arduino Sensor Kit is a joint electronics starter kit from Seeed and Arduino. It integrates 10 commonly used electronics modules on one PCB, so no breadboard, no soldering, and even no wiring are required. The Arduino content team has also prepared a step-by-step tutorial for this kit. All these features make it an ideal Arduino starter kit for Steam education and online teaching.


  • Co-produced by Arduino and Seeed
  • Plug & play addition to the Arduino Uno
  • 10 most commonly used electronics modules
  • All modules are pre-wired on the PCB, no wiring required
  • High-quality online lessons provided by Arduino
  • Perfect for Steam Education and Online Education


To get started with a new thing is always difficult, and we've been thinking about how to make learning electronics and sensing the world around you easier than ever. We are proud to announce the release of the Arduino Sensor Kit - Base, a joint production between Arduino and Seeed. The Arduino Sensor Kit is a plug & play addition to the Arduino Uno to get you started with electronics and programming. It integrates 10 Grove modules on a single PCB, including 5 sensors, an OLED display, and actuators. Best of all, those modules are pre-wired, so no breadboard, no welding, and even no wiring! Proving that hardware doesn’t need to be hard.  


Before getting started with the Arduino Sensor Kit, you need to have an Arduino UNO board at your side. Just plug the Arduino Sensor Kit into the Arduino UNO board, then you're ready to go enjoy coding! To make it even easier there are step-by-step tutorials, please go to to find those high-quality lessons provided by Arduino.

10 Sensors and Modules Included in the kit

The Arduino Sensor Kit has exactly the same modules as the Grove Beginner Kit.


Power Supply3.3V/5V
Dimensions175mm * 115mm * 28mm
Net Weight77g
Digital Grove Header7(D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8)
Analog Grove Header4(A0,A1,A2,A3)
I2C Grove Header4
UART Grove Header1
Support Arduino CoreArduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Zero





Difference between Arduino Sensor Kit & Grove Beginner Kit.pdf



[Wiki] Getting Started with Arduino Sensor Kit

Step-by-step tutorial to help you learn to Plug, Sketch and Play with the basic Grove sensors, actuators, and the classic Arduino Uno.