1 Channel 5V Relay Module 1-Channel relay

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This single relay module can be used in interactive projects. This module uses SONGLE 5v high-quality relay. It can also be used to control lighting, electrical and other equipment. The modular design makes it easy to expand with the Arduino board (not included). The Relay output is by a light-emitting diode. It can be controlled through digital IO port, such as solenoid valves, lamps, motors and other high current or high voltage devices.


  • Type: Digital
  • Rated current: 10A (NO) 5A (NC)
  • Maximum switching voltage: 150VAC 24VDC
  • Digital interface
  • Control signal: TTL level
  • Rated load: 8A 150VAC (NO) 10A 24VDC (NO), 5A 250VAC (NO/NC) 5A 24VDC (NO/NC)
  • Maximum switching power: AC1200VA DC240W (NO) AC625VA DC120W (NC)
  • Contact action time: 10ms

Connection diagram



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Sample Code

int Relay = 8;

void setup()


pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Set Pin13 as output

digitalWrite(13, HIGH); //Set Pin13 High

pinMode(Relay, OUTPUT); //Set Pin3 as output


void loop()


digitalWrite(Relay, HIGH); //Turn off relay


digitalWrite(Relay, LOW); //Turn on relay




Connection Diagram

New 5V Relay Module
Can be used as microcontroller development board module can be used as home appliance control
5 V-12V to TTL control signal
Control signal DC or AC , 220V AC load can be controlled .
There is a normally open and one normally closed contact
A power indicator light
A control indicator , pull off, disconnect does not shine
Transistor drive to increase the relay coil control pins high impedance.
The control pin has a pull-down circuit to prevent malfunction relay vacant