6 Channel Low Level Relay Module with light coupling Expansion Board

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This module is ideally suited to controlling multiple larger voltages with project. This is a 6 channel relay module which can be used to activate up to 250V AC and 30V DC. This allows you to build in device control, operating remote lights or triggering systems when the module is supplied with a signal. This signal can come from a range of sources including most standard microcontrollers.

The module has 6 LEDs that inform of the state of the module. A red power activation LED that lights when a signal is received on the IN pin. When a signal is received a audible click can be heard as the relay triggers, connecting the output pins.

On board the unit is a jumper that can provide overall control. For normal operation the jumper is kept in place. This allows any signal on the input pins to trigger the relays. Removing the jumper prevents this from happening. The jumper can then be replaced by a sensor or circuit of some kind that makes the connection under certain conditions. We are thinking along the lines of when its bright outside there is no need for lights - a photosensitive resistor.

The pins are suited to standard sockets with a pin pitch of 2.54mm. Each relay has a set of screw terminals with labels to indicate the standard off state relationship between them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding the module's operation.

0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW
0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW
0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW
0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW
0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW
0 or 5V/HIGH or LOW