Inductive Automatic Liquid Dispenser Kit compatibel with Arduino

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Smart DIY Electronic Kits Inductive Hand Automatic Liquid Dispenser IR Sensor compabiel with Arduino.Overview:An infrared sensor ensures that the liquid is auto

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Smart DIY Electronic Kits Inductive Hand Automatic Liquid Dispenser IR Sensor compabiel with Arduino.


  1. An infrared sensor ensures that the liquid is automatically pumped out without having to touch the dispenser. 
  2. In this project, we will build an Auto Hand Liquid Dispenser with an TCRT5000 Infrared Reflective Sensor. Keep your hands clean by filling it with liquid. 


  1. Automatic sensing:Do not need to touch.
  2. Easy to DIY with ANY empty bottles.
  3. Designed to learn how a smart automatic liquid dispenser works.
  4. Building your own automatic liquid dispenser is really fun and an interesting project to work on.
  5. A wonderful project for doing DIY (DO IT YOURSELF), can be easily assembled,very useful for putting solutions to hands without touching.
  6. This project will use an independent R&D Induction Hand Washing Motherboard, TCRT5000 Infrared IR Sensor, Water pump, and USB To RS485 Module.
*DC 3V to 6V pump

*Power Consumption: 0.4W To 1.5W

*Rate Of Flow: 80 - 120L/Hr

How does it work: 

*IR sensor detects the presence of a hand.

*Turn the potentiometer of the sensor, and slightly increase it to achieve your desired detection range.

*You can fill your dispenser with whatever liquid you want.

*No Direct Contact
*Contact-less and Contamination Free
*Smart Liquid dispenser Discharge
*Make Your Own Liquid Dispenser
*Use this kit and protect yourself

Tips:By following the right instructions and steps,you can build your dispenser within a short period of time.The DIY kit does NOT come with a container or a tank to store the liquid.
Notes:Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Package list

1 × DC 5V Pump With Water Pipe

1 × Induction Motherboard

1 × TCRT5000 Infrared Reflective Sensor
3 × 20cm 3pin Male To Female Dupont Wire
2 × 20cm 2pin Female To Female Dupont Wire
1 × USB To RS485 Module

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