Joystick shield, kompatibel med Arduino

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JoyStick Shield för Arduino Uno r3 som gör en Arduino till en spelkontroll, med 6 knappar plus en joystick.


Compatible with UNO R3 and MEGA 2560 control board.

Comes with a joystick button: X- (connected to A0); Y- (connected to A1); button (connected to D8).

4 round buttons with cap: button A (D2); button B (D3); button C (D4); button D (D5).

2 small buttons: button E (D6); button F (D7)

A slide switch: control the output voltage of V end for 3.3V or 5V. (Note: V end can also power up the joystick element)

Adds a nRF24L01 interface

Adding Nokia 5110 LCD headers

Adding Bluetooth module interface