MP135 Air Pollution Gas Sensor DIP-4

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Air pollution plane of the semiconductor gas sensor MP135 


Air pollution plane of the semiconductor gas sensor MP135 use of advanced production technology plane, in miniature Al2O3 Heater and metal oxide semiconductor gas material is formed on the ceramic substrate, with the electrode wire leads, packaged in a metal tube socket, pipe cap. When there When detecting the presence of gas, the gas concentration in the air is higher, the higher the conductivity sensor. Using a simple circuit can be converted to this change in conductivity and an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration.


The high - sensitivity to H2
Small size, element
5V constant voltage, low power consumption

quick response and recovery properties
Simple driving circuit
excellent stability and long service life
automatic exhaust device for harmful gas detection, family environment with fresh air machine

Detection of gas: Ethanol, hydrogen, carbon monoxide


Standard test circuit:VC:5.0V + 0.1V; VH: 5.0V + 0.1V

Detection of concentration: 10-1000ppm H2; 10-1000ppm alcohol; 10-500ppm CO.