3 Packs M/M Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit for breadboards, compatible with Arduino

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M/M breadboard jumper wire pack, totally 65 pieces in several types of length and many colors. These flexible jumper wires are basic component that connects two or more devices. They are produced in many colors so you can easily pick up the right one when lots are plugged. They provide an easy way to build your own circuitry on a breadboard. Suited for Arduino and standard breadboard electrical design and debugging. 


1) 100% Brand New

2) Male to Male Connector

3) Includes variety of colors and length

4) Each pack of 65pcs, in totally 3 packs.

5) The length of the wire in each pack : 12cm, 16cm, 20cm, 24cm

6) Perfect design for breadboards and Arduino.