HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

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 HR-SR04 ultrasonic modules. As the ultrasonic has strong directivity, slow energy consumption and far spread distance in the media, so it is commonly used in the measurement of distance, such as range finder and position measuring instrument. Using ultrasonic is more rapid, convenient, simple to calculate and more easier to achieve real-time control, so it has also been widely used in the development of mobile robots.

Ultrasonic detector module can provide 2cm-450cm non-contact sensing distance, and its ranging accuracy is up to 3mm, very good to meet the normal requirements. The module includes an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver as well as the corresponding control circuit.


1) Working Voltage: 0.5V(DC)   

2) Working Current: 15mA

3) Detecting Range: 2-450cm   

4) Detecting Angle: 15 degrees

5) Input Trigger Pulse: 10us TTL Level

6) Output Echo Signal: output TTL level signal (HIGH), proportional to range.