Keyestudio Honeycomb Smart Wearable Coding Kit for Micro:bit With 8 projects

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The BBC micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun! This embedded board has a Bluetooth, USB interface, accelerometer, compass, light and temperature sensors, 5x5 LED matrix, buttons, and edge connectors for accessories. 
Keyestudio Honeycomb Smart wearable Kit for Micro:bit is designed for people who is at the door step of learning electric circuit and programming knowledge.
The kit has provided some basic electronic modules like RGB LED, button, buzzer, TEMT6000 light module and more. You can not only learn basic knowledge of these modules, but also use it to design circuit. 
With the help of Micro:bit programming technique, your circuit becomes more animated. Micro:bit Starter kit can help you enter a wonderful of electronic world.  

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