Micro:bit Joyfrog

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Joyfrog is a programmable interactive gamepad that can be programmed with Makecode Scratch. It's easy to use and can be connected to micro:bit as a gamepad expa

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Joyfrog is a programmable interactive gamepad that can be programmed with Makecode Scratch. It's easy to use and can be connected to micro:bit as a gamepad expansion board. It can also be used independently as a programming board through Kittenblock scratch programming software.

Joyfrog is able to be recognized as a HID input device automatically when it is plugged into the computer. It eliminates the need to manually install the driver and can be used as part of the keyboard input button without opening any programming software. Joyfrog controls the movements of the stage character through the programmable joystick and the buttons of it.

The Joyfrog can be used as a music module for Scratch. After connecting the connecting finger contacts to several fruits through the alligator clip, we can easily make a fruit instrument. Scratch's music module has 18 percussion instruments, for students to imagine what is possible.

In addition, the frog handle has two PH2.0 3pin connectors, which can be connected to the conventional 3pin sensor on the market. There are two PH2.0 4PIN interfaces, you can insert the PowerBrick modules of Kittenbot to make the DIY projects more abundant.
The on board infrared emitter/receiver has built-in automatic infrared decoding NEC. You can decode the conventional remote control on the market and return the decoded data to Kittenblock. You can also record it and then programmatically send different IR codes so that you can control the infrared devices in your home as well as 2.4G infrared wireless toy cars/robots.


 Programming Board 

Onboard 3PIN connector and 4PIN connector for interacting with the stage of Kittenblock through a variety of common sensors

 Act as a Gamepad 

Control the stage character directly as a Gamepad in Kittenblock; Act as a Gamepad, remote control robot cars or robots (2.4G infrared wireless)

 Fruit piano function 

Simulates up to a dozen instruments combine with the music plug-in

 Infrared remote control 

Easy to control infrared devices in your home(such as TVs, projectors, etc.).


1. Infrared receiver

2. Audio interface

3. Audio / buzzer switch

4. Reset button

5. DFU mode button

6. 4P module interface

7. Joystick

8. connecting finger contacts (1~8, GND)

9. Microbit 40PIN horizontal interface

10. Main chip

11. Buzzer

12. Button (X, Y, A, B)

13. 4P I2C interface

14. Micor USB connector

15. Infrared emitter

16, 17. 3P module interface



 Main Controller 

GD32F350C8T6, flash64kb, SRAM8kb, 108MHZ

 Onboard programming resources  

Two-axis joystick, four buttons, infrared emitter/receiver, 8 connecting finger contacts for alligator clips, buzzer, audio/buzzer switch


Micro:bit 40pin horizontal connector x 1, GVAB 4pin PH2.0 x 2, GVS 3pin PH2.0 x 2, 3.5 audio Jack x 1, standard NRF24L01 8pin 2.4G wireless interface x 1

 Supported programming environment 

Kittenblock, Makecode

 Input voltage 


 Power supply port  

micro USB

Part List

  • Joyfrog gamepad board x 1
  • Battery holder x1
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • silicon case for gamepad board x 1