Pi Supply Bit:Buggy Car

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The Pi Supply Bit:Buggy Car is a small DIY smart car based around the BBC micro:bit.

Bit:Buggy has 3 extended GPIO ports - two for driving servos and one for any other stuff! The basic version of the Bit:Buggy can perform functions such as light following, remote control and others. by adding some different sensors and modules you can extend the functionality to enable things like light following, obstacle avoidance, drawing and more. 

We've developed guides around this kit to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. Visit pisupp.ly/bitbuggy to view more. 

Kit Contains

  • 1 x BBC micro:bit (option)
  • 2 x Servo
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 2 x Wheel
  • 2 x Rivet
  • 1 x Universal Wheel
  • 1 x Back Shield
  • 1 x Bit:Buggy Board
  • 6 x Tapping Screw
  • 2 x Side Board
  • 1 x Binding Post
  • 5 x Screw
  • 1 x Rubber Band
  • 1 x Special Expansion Board
  • 1 x Base Board
  • 1 x Front Shield
  • 2 x Side Board