Ai-Thinker ESP-C3-32S-Kit Series Development Board Base On ESP32-C3 Chip

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The ESP-C3-32S-Kit development board is a core development board designed by ESP-C3-32S modules. The development board continues the classic design of the NodeMCU development board, leading to all I/Os on both sides. With pin headers, developers can connect peripherals according to their needs. When using the breadboard for development and debugging, the standard headers on both sides

can make the operation easier and more convenient.

1. Complete 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi+BT+BLE SoC module, 1T1R mode data rate up to 150Mbps

2. Built-in ESP32-C3 chip, RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor, support clock frequency up to 160 MHz, with 400 KB SRAM, 384 KB,ROM, 8KB RTC SRAM

3. Support UART/GPIO/ADC/PWM/I2C/I2S interface, temperature sensor, pulse counter

4. The development board has RGB three-in-one lamp beads, which is convenient for the second development of customers

5. Integrated Wi-Fi MAC/BB/RF/PA/LNA/Bluetooth

6. Support BLE5.0, does not support classic Bluetooth

7. Support multiple sleep modes, deep sleep current is less than 5uA

8. Serial port rate up to 5Mbps

9. Support STA/AP/STA+AP mode and promiscuous mode

10. Support Smart Config (APP)/AirKiss (WeChat) of Android and IOS, one-click network configuration

11. Support serial port local upgrade and remote firmware upgrade (FOTA)

12. General AT commands can be used quickly

13. Support secondary development, integrated Windows and Linux development environment

14. About Flash:ESP-C3-32S uses the built-in 4MByte Flash of the chip by default, and supports the external Flash version of the chip.