RM502AE 5G HAT for Raspberry Pi, quad antennas LTE-A, multi band, 5G/4G/3G

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RM502AE 5G HAT for Raspberry Pi, quad antennas LTE-A, multi band, 5G/4G/3G. 5G HAT with case and RM502Q-AE global.  with case)RM502Q-AE 5G HAT (with case)

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RM502AE 5G HAT for Raspberry Pi, quad antennas LTE-A, multi band, 5G/4G/3G. 5G HAT with case and RM502Q-AE global.  with case)

RM502Q-AE 5G HAT (with case) (EU) 


  • Integrates extensive network protocols, with multi drivers and software support, compatible with different OS including Windows / Linux / Android
  • USB 3.1 port (USB 2.0 compatible) for connecting to PC, Raspberry Pi, or Jetson Nano host board to enable high speed 5G communication
  • Standard M.2 B KEY slot, compatible with different 5G modules: RM500U-CN / RM500Q-GL / RM500Q-AE / RM502Q-AE series
  • Onboard UART, PWR, and RST control pin, built-in voltage level translator, enabled via DIP switch, for use with hosts like Raspberry Pi or Arduino
  • Onboard USB-C connector, enabled via switch, for connecting standalone power supply for the module, allows more loads, stable amd flexible power supply
  • Onboard power supply on/off switch, reset button and LED indicator, easy to turn on/off the module or monitor the operating status
  • 2x SIM card slot, dual card single standby, switchable via AT command
  • High efficiency power supply circuit, up to 3A output current.

Supports 5G/4G/3G


Standard M.2 B KEY Slot

Compatible With RM500U-CN, RM500Q-GL, RM500Q-AE,RM502Q-AE Series Modules


Region / ProviderChinaGlobal (except US)Global (except China)Global (except China)
Operating temperature-30 °C ~ +75 °C-30 °C ~ +70 °C
Extension temperature-40 °C ~ +85 °C
Dimensions30.0 × 52.0 × 2.3 (mm)
Weight8.9 (g)8.7 (g)
Power supply3.3~4.4 V, typical 3.7 V3.135~4.4 V, typical 3.7 V
Power consumption90 μA @ shutdown
3.7 mA @ hibernate
TBD @ USB 2.0, idle
TBD @ USB 3.0, idle
70 μA @ shutdown
4.0 mA @ hibernate
32 mA @ USB 2.0, idle
54 mA @ USB 3.0, idle
80 μA @ shutdown
4.2 mA @ hibernate
39 mA @ USB 2.0, idle
54.5 mA @ USB 3.0, idle
5G5G NR NSAn41, n78, n79n41, n77, n78, n79n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n25, n28, n38, n40, n41, n48*, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79
5G NR SAn1, n28, n41, n77, n78, n79n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n25, n28, n38, n40, n41, n48*, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79
LTELTE-FDDB1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20, B28B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B12(B17), B13, B14, B18, B19, B20, B25, B26, B28, B29, B30, B32, B66, B71
LTE-TDDB34, B38, B39, B40, B41B34, B38, B39, B40, B41, B42, B43, B48
UMTSWCDMAB1, B2, B5, B8B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B8, B19
GNSS-GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou (Compass) / Galileo
5G SA Sub-6downlink 2 Gbps;
uplink 1 Gbps
downlink 2.1 Gbps;
uplink 900 Mbps
downlink 2.1 Gbps;
uplink 450 Mbps
downlink 4.2 Gbps;
uplink 450 Mbps
5G NSA Sub-6downlink 2.2 Gbps;
uplink 575 Mbps
downlink 2.5 Gbps;
uplink 600/650 Mbps
downlink 2.5 Gbps;
uplink 650 Mbps
downlink 5 Gbps;
uplink 650 Mbps
LTEdownlink 600 Mbps;
uplink 150 Mbps
downlink 1.0 Gbps;
uplink 200 Mbps
downlink 1.0 Gbps;
uplink 200 Mbps
downlink 2 Gbps;
uplink 200 Mbps
UMTSdownlink 42.2 Mbps;
uplink 11 Mbps
downlink 42 Mbps;
uplink 5.76 Mbps
* means developing/planning/processing

Supports 5G/4G/3G Networking

Support 5G NSA (4G And 5G Co-Networking) And SA (5G Separate Networking)
Support 4G/3G Internet

* the frequency band diagram above is for reference only, please confirm the supported bands according to your local service provider.

Multi System Support, Easy To Use

Supports Windows / Linux / Android...

Just plug it into USB port, go through some simple configuration, the high speed 5G network connection will be ready to use

Connection Examples

For Windows PC Or Jetson Nano Series, Use A USB Cable
For Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+, Or CM4-IO-BASE-A/B, Use The Purpose-Made USB Adapter

connecting with Raspberry Pi 4B


connecting with Raspberry Pi 3B+


connecting with CM4 IO Base

Cloud Communication

Multi-Constellation High-Precision GNSS

Supports GPS, Beidou, Glonass, Galileo

Note: GNSS is not available for RM500U-CN module.

Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO Header

Compatible With Raspberry Pi Series And Jetson Nano, Stackable Design For More HATs

* for reference only, please check the Package Content section for exact part list.

High Speed Cooling Fan

Better Heat Dissipation For Both Raspberry Pi And The 5G Module

Optional Case

Multiple Installation Methods, Convenient For Various Application Such As Industry

* The case is optional, please choose a proper option before placing order

Application Examples

5G Wireless Router
Combined with OpenWrt, turns the Raspberry Pi into a 5G wireless router, providing WiFi hotspot for smartphones to easily access the 5G Network.


5G Live Streaming
While mounting an additional camera, it is able to do live streaming on webpage or live platform through ffmpeg video stream.

More Possibilities

Outline Dimensions

Wiki: www.waveshare.com/wiki/RM502Q-AE_5G_HAT

Shipping list

RM502AE 5G HAT for Raspberry Pi, quad antennas LTE-A,

  1.  Protection case kit x1
  2. M.2 TO 4G/5G HAT x1
  3.  5G Module x1
  4. Antenna 4pcs x1
  5. IPEX adapter cable 4pcs x1
  6.  GNSS antenna x1
    * This antenna is NOT included in the RM500U-CN kit which has no GNSS function
  7. 2*20PIN pin header x1
  8.  5V 3A Type-C power adapter x1
  9. Dual plug USB3.0 cable x1
  10. USB3.0 adapter x1
  11. USB2.0 adapter x1
  12. SMA protective cap 4pcs x1
  13. Screws pack x1