8 Channel Relay Module with Optocoupler Support High and Low Level Trigger

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5V 8CH Relay Module Optocoupler Isolation High and Low Level Trigger

module description:
1, the module uses genuine quality relay, normally open interfaces Maximum load: AC 250V / 10A, DC 30V / 10A;
2, using SMD optocoupler isolation, driving ability, stable performance; trigger current 5mA;
3, the working voltage: 5V,12V,24V
4, each channel relay can be set high or low-level triggered by jumper;
5, fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not operate;
6, the power indicator (green), 8 relay status indicator (red)
7, user-friendly interface design, all interfaces are available through the wiring terminal direct connection leads, very convenient
8, with four mounting bolts holes, hole 3.1mm, spacing 136mm * 44.5mm


Two module interface:
1, DC +: positive power supply (voltage relay according to requirements, 5V.9V.12V and 24V selection)
2, DC-: negative one
3, IN1-IN8: According to the settings for each channel, can be high or low level control of the corresponding relay


Relay output:
24 line interface, all interfaces can connect directly leads, user-friendly
1, NO1 - NO8: normally open relay interfaces, relay before hanging, pull back with COM
2, COM1 - COM8: Relay Common Interface
3, NC1 - NC8: normally closed relay interfaces, relay before with COM, pull vacant post


High and low end of the trigger selection:
1.S1-S8 relay 1 followed by road -8 path of high and low trigger selection;
2, com and low short, trigger the corresponding relay is low, and high when com shorted high level trigger