DHT21 AM2301 Capacitive Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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New DHT21 AM2301 Capacitance Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor for UNO DHT21 Sensor.

AM2311A Digital Temperature and Humidity Module is a temperature and humidity composite sensor with its calibrated digital signal output.It applies special digital module acquisition technology and temperature and humidity sensing technology,to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability.The product has the advantages of excellent quality, ultra-fast response, strong anti-interference ability and high cost performance.Each sensor is calibrated in an extremely accurate humidity calibration laboratory.Calibration coefficients are stored in the form of program in the single chip computer. These calibration coefficients are called in the process of processing the detection signal inside the sensor. Standard single bus interface makes system integration easy and fast.Standard single bus interface makes system integration easy and fast. Ultra-small size, very low power consumption,Signal transmission distance can reach more than 20 meters, making it the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications. Products are cited as 3Wire (single bus interface) connection is convenient. Special encapsulation forms can be provided according to user's needs requirements.
 2. Application Range;

HVAC system, dehumidifier,test and inspection equipment,consumer goods,automobiles,automatic control, data recorder,weather station,household appliances,humidity regulation,medical and other relatedtemperature and humidity detection and control.
3.product Feature;

• Full calibration
• Digital output, unibus interface
• Excellent long-term stability
• Quick response and strong anti-jamming capability

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