Grove Shield for Wio Lite - AdaFruit Feather Compatible

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The Grove Shield for Wio Lite is made for Seeed Studio Wio Lite Series. Now the Wio Lite W600 is available, we will release more Wio boards soon. Also, this Grove Shield can work with Adafruit Feather Boards. It brings 200+ Grove modules to Wio Lite and Feather community. 

This Shield can break out the processor pins of Wio Lite (for instance, it is SAM D21 for Wio Lite W600) into the form of a header and Grove connectors. There are 4 Grove digital connectors and 4 Grove analog connectors, a Grove UART port, and a Grove I2C port. As you can see, a switch is there for input power selection. If you use USB to power your Wio Lite board, then select the 5V mode, and if you use the lipo battery, please select the 3.3V. 

Hardware Overview 


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