Relay Module With Trigger Line 12V 24V 1 Channel Relay Module 5V

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Relay Module With Trigger Line 12V 24V 1 Channel Relay Module 5V,12


1. The power required by the byline diagram is not reversed, although the protection circuit, but not for a long time
reversed ;
2. Product regulator slight fever is a normal phenomenon, long working hours have a normal relay heat phenomena are normal ;
3. Relay load power to give leave some margin should avoid high-power ( about 2000W) and long working environment, there will be
some impact on the life of the product.
1.Double panel design PCB;
2. Chips made using stable and reliable control, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-interference, no false triggering, performance is superior to the CD4013 ;
3. The regulator has the power to provide adequate and stable voltage, and have enough vents to ensure a stable and reliable product for
a long time to work ;
4. With anti-reverse protection diode power, reverse power for a short time without any damage to the product ;
5. Has a touch switch as product testing, stability testing of products directly ;
6. Can also trigger an external trigger switch, the products have a connection with a good seat and lead, more convenient to use
7. Triggering sensor module can also be used to do other triggers, are valid as long as the trigger is low, there are more
functional expansion;
NOTE: DC voltage input voltage to match the voltage relay, the relay must not exceed the voltage range, otherwise it will burn
the module.

Parameters :

Voltage:5V / 12V / 24V at Optional
supply current : more than 100mA
Load : 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
Life: 1 million times
Pack Size:50.5mm*21mm*14mm


1. Press the trigger button, the relay is locked, press again, the relay off, you can also add the trigger switch and the use
of the low-level trigger.
2.Control appliances, home of various lighting control, factory equipment control, current control for a variety of small
high-voltage power control products.

1Pc x1 Channel Self-locking Relay Module
1pc× Trigger Line

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1 Channel Self Lock Relay Module
5V / 12V / 24V at Optional
Supply current
more than 100mA
250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
1 million times
Standard Anti-static Poly Bag