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 When doing a variety of experiments, it is inevitably to use those DuPont jumper wires. In doing different projects, you may need different DuPont lines. This kit includes three kinds of 20cm  DuPont jumper wires, male-to-male, female-to-female and male-to-female respectively. Getting this kit in hand, you can make use of them to make plenty of interactive projects and experiments.


Keyestudio 3PCS 400 Tie-Points White Solderless Breadboard Kit


1) Pitch: 2.54mm

2) Dimensions: 84x56x9.5mm

3) 400 tie points with four independent common bus lines

4) Interlocked for larger projects

5) Square holes

6) ABS plastic material

7) Accepts a variety of wire sizes (20-29 AWG)

8) Completely reusable and no harmful to person and environment


For Applications:

This 400-Tie Point Interlocking Solderless Breadboard makes prototyping with electronics easy. Use Jumper Wires create electrical connections without soldering. It is commonly used for kinds of related Arduino projects, electronics learning, and education. It is necessary for basic electronics.

Packing List:

400 Tie-Points Solderless Breadboard (white)*3PCS