Yahboom Microbit Starter Learning Kit for Kids BBC Micro bit Science Set

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Yahboom micro:bit Starter Kit is tailor-designed for micro:bit experiment and programming beginners. With Micro:bit as the core controller, abundant electronic components in the kit, such as LED light, buzzers, servo, sensors, etc, are used to complete various types of experiments. We also offer 23 courses to enable beginners to master the electronic circuit, components and basic programming principles and learn Micro:bit step by step. The kit is rich in content. Each experiment has electronic documentation as a reference course. From theory to wiring to graphical programming, you will lay a good foundation for more complicated STEAM study.

  • Micro:bit Starter Kit includes 22 kinds of electronic components and 6 types of sensors. It can be used for DIY expansion and experiment.
  • 8 basic experiments, 8 sensor experiments and 7 extended creative experiments are included in 23 courses. These courses guide you to learn Micro:bit from simplest to more complex.
  • It supports multiple Micro:bit programming methods such as JavaScript graphical programming, Python programming.


Weight: 669g

Size: 20x20x7.5cm

Package list

1 x Micro:bit breakout

1 x Sound Detection Sensor

1 x Joystick Breakout Module

1 x Motor fan


1 x Motor driver module

1 x Touch sensor switch module

1 x Vertical ultrasonic module

1 x 5v power supply

1 x Game console shell

3 x Screw

1 x Rotary potentiometer

1 x Infrared receiver

1 x Infrared emitter

2 x Micro USB cable

1 x AAA battery box

1 x Large Size Breadboard

1 x Active buzzer

2 x Red LED

2 x Yellow LED

2 x Green LED

1 x Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires

20 x Male to male Dupont wire

7 x Test lead with alligator clips

8 x big size button

1 x SG90 servo

5 x 27k resistor

5 x 100ohm resistor

2 x AAA battery

10 x 220ohm resistor

1 x BBC Micro:bit


Yahboom Micro:bit starter kit