HDMI To CSI Adapter For Raspberry Pi Series, 1080p@30fps Support

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HDMI To CSI Adapter For Raspberry Pi Series, 1080p@30fps Support.HDMI To CSI Camera AdapterCompatible with Raspberry Pi Series BoardsThis is an HDMI t

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HDMI To CSI Adapter For Raspberry Pi Series, 1080p@30fps Support.

HDMI To CSI Camera Adapter

Compatible with Raspberry Pi Series Boards

This is an HDMI to CSI camera port adapter designed for Raspberry Pi with up to 1080p@30fps support from HDMI input, backward compatible. It allows you to use HDMI cameras just as the standard Raspberry Pi CSI cameras, all versions of Raspberry Pi series boards are supported.

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* Specific FFC is required for the Raspberry Pi Zero.

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Wiki: HDMI_to_CSI_Adapter

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