Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Wireless / 4GB RAM / 32GB Storage.

The power of Raspberry Pi 4 in a compact form factor for deeply embedded applications.

Built on the same 64-bit quad-core BCM2711 application processor as Raspberry Pi 4, the Compute Module 4 delivers a step change in performance over its predecessors: faster CPU cores, better multimedia, more interfacing capabilities, and, for the first time, a choice of RAM densities and a wireless connectivity option.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board is an invaluable development tool. Exposing every interface from Compute Module 4, the IO Board provides a development platform and reference base-board design for the most powerful Compute Module yet, and is also designed for integration into end products.

  • 1.5GHz quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A72 CPU
  • VideoCore VI graphics, supporting OpenGL ES 3.x
  • 4Kp60 hardware decode of H.265 (HEVC) video
  • 1080p60 hardware decode, and 1080p30 hardware encode of H.264 (AVC) video
  • Dual HDMI interfaces, at resolutions up to 4K
  • Single-lane PCI Express 2.0 interface
  • Dual MIPI DSI display, and dual MIPI CSI-2 camera interfaces
  • 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB LPDDR4-3200 SDRAM
  • Optional 8GB, 16GB or 32GB eMMC Flash storage
  • Optional 2.4GHz and 5GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac wireless LAN and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet PHY with IEEE 1588 support
  • 28 GPIO pins, with up to 6 × UART, 6 × I2C and 5 × SPI

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Antenna Kit is certified for use with Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4.

New, more compact form factor

Compute Module 4 introduces a brand new form factor, and a compatibility break with earlier Compute Modules. Where previous modules adopted the JEDEC DDR2 SODIMM mechanical standard, with I/O signals on an edge connector, we now bring I/O signals to two high-density perpendicular connectors (one for power and low-speed interfaces, and one for high-speed interfaces).

This significantly reduces the overall footprint of the module on its carrier board, letting you achieve smaller form factors for your products.



Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 has undergone extensive compliance testing and meets the standards required in many countries. You can find all compliance information and regional certificates at raspberrypi.org/compliance.

Industrial IoT Mini-Computer Based On Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4  PoE, 5G/4G, Metal Case, With Cooling Fan

Industrial IoT Mini-Computer Based On CM4

Designed For Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Waveshare CM4 Industrial IoT Board Inside, Fast And Easy To Build A Mini-Computer

Part List Comparison

CM4 Industrial IoT Board

Metal case

5000rpm cooling fan

12V 2A power adapter

Screwdriver and screws

Waveshare CM4 Industrial IoT Board Inside

Make It Easy To Build Your Own Raspberry Pi CM4 Mini PC

Base Board Specifications

suitable for all variants of Compute Module 4
Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 connector, integrates 802.3af-compliant PoE circuit (5V/2.5A)
M.2 B KEY, supports 5G / 4G module
SIM card slot, supports standard SIM card for 5G/4G/3G/2G communication
Isolated RS485, Isolated RS232, PCIe Gen 2 x1, I2C, ADC, GPIO
Dual USB 2.0 Type A
Dual MIPI DSI display ports (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
Dual MIPI CSI-2 camera ports (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
Dual HDMI ports, supports 4K 30fps output
Real-time clock with battery socket and ability to wake Compute Module 4
MicroSD card socket for Compute Module 4 Lite (without eMMC) variants
allows speed adjustment and measurement, 5V / 12V input
7V~36V wide range
160 × 114mm

Rich Peripheral Connectors

Onboard Connectors Including M.2/CSI/DSI/HDMI/USB/ETH/PCIe/RS232/RS485

Precise Cut-Out With Clear Label

Each Cut-Out Is Completely Aligned With The Connector

Cooling Fan Included

Comes With Cooling Fan, Combined With The Airflow Vent, Better Heat Dissipation

Wall Mount Support

Wall Mount Holes On Two Sides, Handy For Mounting

Application Examples

Binocular Vision, PoE Powered Raspberry Pi Projects, Or Other Industrial Context

for reference only, displays, cameras, and antennas are NOT included.

Outline Dimensions

WIKI: Compute_Module_4_PoE_4G_Board

* Resources for different product may vary, please check the wiki page to confirm the actually provided resources.

Shipping list

Weight: 0.643 kg

  1. Compute Module 4 PoE 4G Board x1
  2. Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Wireless / 4GB RAM / 32GB Storage.
  3. Metal case (top and bottom) x1
  4. Fan-4010-PWM-12V x1
  5. Screwdriver x1
  6. Screws pack x1
  7.  12V 2A power adapter x1