Starter Educational Kit Arduino compatibel Type-C UNO R3

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This is a cost-effective starter kit with newest Type C USB UNO R3 board, including 830 points breadboard, ultrasonic sensor and joystick module and so on.
1. Ideal for DIY. Use popular micro controller and hot sensors to meet the needs of different users,such as students,beginners or teens.
2. Provide a PDF instruction with tutorial, writing code and guide, which will take you into the world of programming electronics.
3. Multi-function and various kinds of sensor modules, LEDs, resistors, chips, wires and other components for all kinds of modules.

1.It's suitable for beginners to learn programming.
2.We provide customized services.
3.Provide sample service and technical support. 

Package list

ProtoShield Shield With Mini BreadBoard

RGB LED (common cathode)

LDR 5516 Photoresistor

10K Thermistor

1N4007 Rectifier Diode

Button Switch 6*6*5mm

PN2222 transistor


IC L293D

Passive Buzzer

Active Buzzer

SW520D Vibration Sensor

PT10-2-M Potentiometer 10K

180 Degree 9G Servo

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

DHT11 Sensor Module

PS2 Joystick Axis Sensor

IR receiver

Infrared Remote Control Module

LCD1602 Module (without solder pins)

LED White/Green/Blue/ Red/Yellow(5pcs/each)

9V Battery Snap

830 Breadboard

MB102 Power Supply Module

65Pcs Jumper Wire

Stepper Motor UNL2003 Drive module

0.56inch 4 Digital LED Display

0.56inch Single LED Display

5V Relay

10Pin 20cm FM Jumper Wire

5V DC Motor

70MM Soft Leaf Fan

type-c USB cable

10R - 1M Metal Film Resistor

Plastic box(230*160*60mm)