Yahboom OmiBox compatible with Scratch3.0 and LEGO (Fighting version 2st)

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This is a programmable robot with a unique box shape, the size is about 100mm*87mm*70mm. The whole vehicle is composed of three PCB boards and three acrylic plates. Two wheels, the universal wheel, and the PCB driver board are fixed by rivets, no need screw, no need welding. The three PCB boards are: Mainboard, Expand board, and Drive board, integrate a large number of sensors and various input and output components so that the OmiBox can achieve many interesting functions. We also added a tilting wheel on the backside of the robot, which allows the robot to have the ability to tilt and also effectively prevent it backward. This robot supports Scratch graphical programming and Arduino IDE programming, it is suitable for people of different ages to use. For this robot, we also designed some LEGO building block holes that allow users to expand by themselves.

You can do a lot with those two robots. 


  • Small and unique black box shape.
  • Easy to install by using a combination of similar puzzles, no need screw and welding.
  • Support Scratch programming and Arduino IDE programming, and we will provide Scratch and Arduino2 in 1 programming software.
  • 5 output devices: 2 8x8dot matrix screens(eyes of the robot), 1 buzzer, 8 programmable RGB lights, 2 motors, 4 servo interfaces.
  • 6 input devices: 2 programmable buttons, 1 MIC, 2 infrared avoid sensors, 2 tracking sensor, 1 color detection sensor, and 1 photo-resistor.
  • Two remote control methods: Bluetooth APP remote control, infrared remote control.
  • Multiple functions: Tracking, automatic obstacle avoidance, following, color recognition, sound control, RGB lights, Play music, etc.
  • With a building block anti-reverse wheel.
  • The top acrylic plate and the left and right acrylic plates are reserved for the block holes and compatible with LEGO block.
  • More than 40 kinds of experiment courses are provided.


Package list

  • Bottom function component (motor is already installed) x 1
  • Front function component (dot matrix screen is already installedx 1
  • Back function component (integrated Bluetooth) x 1
  • anti-reverse wheel kit x 1
  • Rivet buckle package x 1
  • manual x 1
  • Color detection module x 1
  • Rubber wheel x 2
  • Color track map x 1
  • Lithium battery x 1
  • USB Data cable x 1
  • Acrylic components x 5
  • Universal wheel assembly x 1
  • Infrared remote controller x 1
  • Top buckle x 2
  • Packing box x 1