Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit

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The Raspberry Pi 400 kit is a complete personal computer built into a compact keyboard, with everything you need in the box. UK layout. 

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The Raspberry Pi 400 kit is a complete personal computer built into a compact keyboard, with everything you need in the box. UK layout. 

It’s ideal for learning to code using the Raspberry Pi OS desktop environment and can also be used for a wide range of other activities such as surfing the web, creating and editing documents, watching videos and more!

Raspberry Pi 400 Kit

The Pi400 shares the same great performance as the Raspberry Pi 4 but with the 64-bit CPU clocked to a whopping 1.8GHz thanks to the large internal heatsink. This sits alongside 4GB RAM, dual-band wireless networking, dual-display output and 4K video playback.

The familiar 40-pin GPIO pins are located at the rear of the keyboard for wiring up electronics projects, alongside two USB 3.0 ports and a USB 2.0 port. There's even an on/off power option via the F10 key (for full power disconnection, grab a USB-C on/off switch cable).

This listing is for the Raspberry Pi 400 kit which includes everything you need to get started in the box (minus a monitor).

  • The Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard
  • An Official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply 
  • An Official Raspberry Pi USB mouse
  •  a 16GB microSD card pre-programmed with Raspberry Pi OS
  • An Official 1m micro-HDMI cable
  • Official Beginners Guide

You can add  7inch HDMI Touch Display with case

The Raspberry Pi 400 kit is available in a number of different regional variants (select above).

Top Raspberry Pi 400 Accessories

Protect your Pi400 during transport or storage with our stylish sleeve. Classic grey with a simple and easy velcro strap:

Raspberry Pi 400 sleeve

Raspberry Pi 400 Wireless Mouse

Want to attach a HAT to a Raspberry Pi 400? We've got the perfect ribbon cable! The orientation of the cable means your HAT displays nicely in front of you.

Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO Cable

Add a handy power-off switch to your Pi400 with our USB-C on/off switch cable! The Pi400's F10 key is used as a power button, but for full power disconnection, our cable is a convenient option!

Raspberry Pi 400 power switch

The Pi400 features a handy security lock port for keeping your keyboard safe. We have both key and combination locks available.

Raspberry Pi 400 Lock

Pi400 Specifications

  • Processor: Broadcom BCM2711 quad-core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.8GHz
  • RAM: 4GB LPDDR4-3200
  • Connectivity:
    • Dual-band (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz) IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac
    • Wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, BLE
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • 2 × USB 3.0 and 1 × USB 2.0 ports
  • GPIO: Horizontal 40-pin GPIO header
  • Video & sound: 2 × micro HDMI ports (supports up to 4Kp60)
  • Multimedia:
    • 265 (4Kp60 decode)
    • 264 (1080p60 decode, 1080p30 encode)
    • OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics
  • SD card support: MicroSD card slot for operating system and data storage
  • Keyboard: 78- or 79-key compact keyboard (depending on regional variant)
  • Power: 5V DC via USB-C connector
  • Security: Security lock port
  • Cooling: Large internal heatsink plate and underside vents
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
  • Dimensions: 286 mm × 122 mm × 23 mm (maximum)

Note: The Raspberry Pi 400 does not have a DSI or CSI connector for attaching camera modules or touchscreen displays. We have a great USB camera module available here for camera projects.

Nice video presentation for the Raspberry Pi 400