ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi

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Seeed’s ReSpeaker 4-MicsLinear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi is an extension board, aka HAT designed for Raspberry Pi. It's a linear microphone array kit, comes with four microphones and designed for AI and voice applications. That means you can build a more powerful and flexible voice product with Raspberry Pi which can integrate Amazon Alexa Voice
Service, Google Assistant, and so on.
ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi consists of two boards, one is voice accessory HAT, another is four microphones linear array.
ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit for Raspberry Pi support 8 input & 8 output channels in Raspbian system. The first 6 input channel for microphone recording(only first 4 input channels are valid capture data), rest of 2 input channel are echo channel of playback. The first 2 output channel for playing, rest of 6 output channel are dummy.


  • 2 ADC chips and 1 DAC chip

  • 8 input and 8 output channels

  • Four microphones array

  • Grove support

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 40-pin headers

  • Headset and speaker voice output

Application Ideas

  • Smart speaker

  • Intelligent voice assistant systems

  • Voice recorders

  • Voice conferencing system

  • Meeting communicating equipment

  • Voice interacting robot

  • Car voice assistant

  • Other scenarios need voice command

Assembly drawing

Technical details

Dimensions0mm x0mm x0mm
WeightG.W 132g
AD/DA Chips2 x X-Power AC108 ADC; 1 x X-Power AC101 DAC
Voice Output3.5mm headset audio jack / Speaker jack (JST 2.0)
Sensitivity-22 dBFS (Omnidirectional)
SNR59 dB
Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Headerssupport Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 1 B+, Pi 2 B, Pi 3 B, Pi 3 B+

Part List

1 x ReSpeaker Voice Accessory HAT1
1 x ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array for Voice Accessory HAT1
1 x 20cm Ribbon Cable1