1 Channel Solid State Relay Module

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5V 1 Channel SSR Solid State Relay Module Low-Level Trigger 2A 240V

Product Description

1.Input power supply:5V DC (160MA).

2.Specification (1 / 2 At Optional):1. State of 0-1.5V low-level relay ON; State of 2.5-5V high-level relay OFF; State of 0-2.5V low-level relay ON; State of 3-5V high-level relay OFF.

3.Interface:DC+: connect to positive(according to the relay voltage supply); DC-: connect to negative, CH relay module signal triggering side (high-level trigger active).

4.Trigger voltage: low-level 0-2.5V, high default 3.5-5V (in the case of voltage 12V trigger, you need a series resistance of a 5.1-6.8K before the trigger; 24V voltage trigger, you need a 15-22K resistor in series before the trigger, otherwise it will burn the chip).

5.Voltage:low voltage.

6.Static current:0mA .

7.Working current:12.5mA.

8.Trigger current:2mA.


10.Pack Size:25*34*25mm.