Yahboom Smartduino starter kit and smart robot 2in1 for Arduino Uno R3 compatible with Scratch3.0

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Yahboom Smartduino robot is developed with well-known Arduino UNO R3 as core controller. This car is not only a robot car based on Arduino, but it is also a standard starter kit. Using a high-quality integrated circuit board chassis, the vehicle can be flexibly expanded equipped with two breadboard platform, such as the LED, buzzer, LCD screen, and other various sensors to conduct experiments. It supports C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly and Scratch 3.0. (with Yahboom smart robot Database), and we also provide standardized tutorials that make it easy to operate. You can use Bluetooth App by Android phone to control the robot. All the experiments are connected by breadboard, which can not only train the students' programming skills but also improve their practical ability.


  • Smart robot and starter kit 2in1.
  • No-welding installation, copper pillar structure and Socket wiring design
  • Supports C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly and Scratch3.0.
  • Provide 20 kinds of basic entry experiments and 12 kinds of smart car functions.
  • Functions: Tracking, Infrared obstacle avoidance, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, Following, etc.
  • Controlled by IR remote control, and Bluetooth APP remote control by Android mobile.


Package list

1 x uno R3   

1 x Infrared recover

1 x Smart car chassis   

2 x Active buzzer

1 x Ultrasonic sensor   

1 x Flame sensor

2 x Pan-tilt board

2 x Photoresistor & Thermistor

1 x SG90 servo   

20 x Resistors

2 x High-quality car wheel   

4 x Button

2 x Gear motor   

3 x Potentiometer

2 x Mini breadboard   

1 x LCD1602

4 x Motor fixing bracket   

1 x Mini remote control

1 x Battery box   

1 x Charger

1 x Universal wheel   

2 x 14500 Li battery

1 x Hardware fitting   

1 x Mini component box

1 x 830 holes big bread board   

1 x Big storage box

1 x 1 bit 7-segment Display   

1 x Male to male

1 x 4 bits 7-segment Display   

30 x Male to Male Jumper Wires

1 x 8 x 8 matrix   

25 x Dupont Jumper Wires

1 x 74HC595 IC   

1 x Double head screwdriver

15 x LED   

1 x Manuel

1 x Tilt shaking position switch

1 x Bluetooth module



Yahboom Smartduino