DC 12V Wireless Wifi Relay Switch smart home

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DC 12V Wireless Wifi Relay Switch Module Mobile Phone Remote Control Timer Self-Lock Low Power For Android IOS Smart Home

Product Introduction:

2.Operating Voltage:DC 12V
3.Operating Current:250mA
4.Quiescent Current:90mA
5.Output Port:NO NC,mechanical switch output port
6.Port Withstand Voltage:AC 0-250V/7A;DC 0-30V/7A
7.Control Way:wifi network control,support 2G/3G/4G cellphone network
8.Operating Mode:inching

Please download the app "eWeLink " from Google Play or Apple Store 


Connect APP, mobile phone number registered Login,

1. click on "set" the matching button, until the light is released after the flash;

2. Name the device to complete the operation;

3. Enter the home name and password for the WIFI;

4. Add a search device