Yahboom programmable Biped:bit based on Micro:bit compatible with LEGO

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This is a collection of building blocks, programming and creativity. 183 blocks and 1 building block motor, coupled with a Super:bit multi-function expansion board, which can be built into a biped robot that can walk like a human--- Biped:bit. We can control motion state, music and lights of it by Android / iOS mobile APP. We can customize the front and back sides of it by programming, the direction of the arrow on the micro:bit dot-matrix depending on the motion state of the Biped:bit. It with micro:bit board supports the Graphical programming of MakeCode Editor, which is more suitable for kids. In addition, we will provide detailed assembly steps to make it easy for users to experience the joy of assembling blocks.


  • Unique biped robot shape.
  • Equipped with a multi-function expansion board to combine the building blocks with the circuit.
  • With BBC micro:bit board, suitable for kids to use the makecode Editor Graphical programming.
  • Android / iOS mobile APP control
  • Various ways of playing, such as: custom direction, colorful lights, music and dance.


Package list

Biped:bit building block pack

Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit and Super:bit expansion board

Building Blocks*183      

Building Block Motor*1

Biped:bit building block pack+super:bit

Recommended reason: suitable for users who already have micro:bit

Building Blocks*183

Building Block Motor*1

Super:bit Expansion Board *1  

USB Cable *1

Lithium Battery *1


Biped:bit package (with micro:bit)

Recommended reason: complete configuration to use directly

Building Blocks*183

Building Block Motor*1 

Super:bit Expansion Board*1

USB Cable *1

Lithium Battery *1

BBC micro:bit board *1