Beetle CM-32U4 - Compatible with Arduino Leonardo - ATmega32U4

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Beetle CM-32U4, an upgraded version of DFRobot Beetle Board, adds a charge management function while retaining the original advantages like rich functions and small size.

It allows users to charge a battery pack by the onboard USB or use a battery pack to power the board when other power supply methods are not available, which can greatly increase the service life when using this little board in "one-off" compact projects.

There are 3 power supply methods: USB power supply; Battery pack power supply on the BAT pin; 5V external power supply on the VIN pin.

Features like compact size, being rechargeable and diverse power supplies make this board more widely applicable to DIY projects, workshops, gift projects, E-Textiles wearable, and educational.

Beetle CM-32U4

Board Overview


  • Rich functions
  • Small size
  • Greatly increase the service life


  • DIY projects
  • Workshops
  • Gift projects
  • E-Textiles wearable


  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Maximum Charging Current: 600mA
  • Minimum Charging Current: 200mA
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40~125℃
  • Interface: I2C x 1,SPI x 1,UART x 1,Analog x 2,Digital x 2
  • Dimension: 22 x 20.5mm/0.87 x 0.81”



  • Beetle CM-32U4 x1