Flowers and plants Soil Water Sensor detector

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Stylish Appearance: Lightweight, mainly made of ABS (housing) and FR4 CCL (testing slice), durable, mini size, easy to carry, better designed for potted plants.

Real-time Monitoring, Plug and Play: Just insert the soil tester into the bottom of the plant root and wait a few seconds for the results to be clearly displayed.
One-button Detection: Simple operation, one-button detection, two intelligent modes, and three detection types help you to detect plant growth more easily. Special Plant Maintence Instruction: Order to better use the soil test kit, we have provided you with special plant maintenance instructions to help you better care for your plant health.Let our soil tester be a small potted partner!

Light Color/ Soil Moisture/ Planting Advice: Red light, 0%~15%, Less moisture; Green light, 16%~60%, Suitable moisture; Blue light, 61%~100%, More moisture.

Product features: 

1. Real-time monitoring can be inserted into the soil for a long time
2. Don't pick soil, you can insert any soil.
3. The black detection part can be directly inserted into the water (white water is forbidden to soak water)
4, not delicate, the whole body is splash-proof.
5. Automatic monitoring at a glance.
Instructions for use: Unplug the top cover for the first time, pull out the battery barrier film, and close the top cover. When there is less water, the red light flashes once every 5 minutes. One-click real-time monitoring of the current soil status, moisture content, red, green and blue three indicators, according to different water content, to adapt to common flowers and grasses, select the indicator range according to different plant characteristics.

Packing instructions: product * 1 + English manual * 1 + English common planting suggestions * 1