Jetson Nano 5V 4A Active PoE Splitter power button Gigabit Power Over Ethernet

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Gigabit(10/100/1000mbps) Active PoE Splitter for Jetson Nano 5.5x2.1 DC output 5V 4A/20Watt With Power Button


The POE splitter must be connected to the POE switch, POE midspan or 48V~52V POE injector for proper operation.

Output power Max.12Watt (DC5V2.5A) when used with the IEEE802.3af standard PoE switch(or 802.3af PoE injector)
Output power Max.20Watt (DC5V4A) when used with the IEEE802.3at standard PoE switch (or  802.3at PoE injector) 
Output power Max.20Watt (DC5V4A) when used with the DSLRKIT Non-standard 48V~52V Passive PoE switches (or 48V~52V  Passive PoE injector)
You need to connect J48 pins When the Jetson Nano supply via [J25] Power jack, (We will provide you a Jumper Cap)

RJ45 female INPUT Port:
Support the IEEE 802.3af/at the Power over Ethernet PoE Switch 
Support 48V Unsolicited Power Over Ethernet PoE Switch
Support 48V Unsolicited Power Over Ethernet PoE Adapter
Compliant with IEEE802.3af output 5V2.4A 12.5Watt
Compliant with IEEE802.3at output 5V4A 20Watt
Isolation: 2.5kV
Power Input:  DC44~57V
Power Output: DC5V 4A
Data&Power INPUT Port: from RJ45 female (Compliant with IEEE802.3af/at PoE)
Data Output Port: RJ45 Male
Power Output Port: 5.5x2.1 DC Power Plug
Data Transfer Rate:  10/100/1000 Mbps
Data Pin: RJ45 pin 12345678

Devices will be detected before poe input
Power Pin:support both 1/2(+/-),3/6(-/+) or 4/5(+),7/8(-)
Body size: 80 x 27x 22 mm
DC cable length:240mm
Ethernet cable length:230mm
PoE Splitter Weight : 65g
Operation Temperatue:-20℃ ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature:-30℃ ~ 70℃

Item Included:

 10/100/1000Mbps 5V4A Active PoE Splitter x1
 5.5x2.1 DC cable x1
 RJ45 Ethernet cable x1
 Jumper Cap x1