Mini Transport Robot Wireless Control Self Balancing Robot

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This is a self-balancing robot learning kit. Based on open source platform that anyone can make. Designed based on NANO V3 board, this self-balancing

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This is a self-balancing robot learning kit. 

Based on open source platform that anyone can make. 

Designed based on NANO V3 board, this self-balancing robot car is a fun and educational kit for learning Ar-duino. 

The robot is developed based on the Dynamic Stabilization principle for its movement. 

It uses three-axis accelerometer gyroscope sensor to tell the tilt of the car body, and the micro controller calculate the data, then keeping a dynamic balance of the car body by controlling the DC motors.

Comes with a NANO V3, a Pbot-3.0 expansion board, a MPU6050 Gyroscope Sensor Module, HC-06 Wireless Module, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module, A pair of 12V DC Motor with high quality wheels and a battery holder. 

Even without the experience of Ar-duino and electronics, you can easily get started, simple but a lot that you can learn about how each electronic component works and its principle. 


It is a newly design for Ar-duino project of robotic car kit. 

It has multiple Interesting functions like HC-06 wireless control, auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, self-balancing. 

You can control it with your mobile phone using APP. 

It comes with a well-designed tutorial with illustrations, which shows you how to assemble the kit step by step and how to play with all the interesting functions. 


1. Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function 

2. Car following function 

3. Self-balancing function 

4. HC-06 wireless communication and APP control function 


1) Compatible with Ar-duino: 

You can modify the codes and upload your own program using IDE and work with the reserved pins to add more sensors. 

2) STEM kit for everyone: 

It is easy to assemble and suitable for kids to have some Do It Yourself or Design It Yourself experiences and learn basic programming knowledge. Students or kids can also enjoy it by customizing and adding more functions onto this kit. 

3) Smart Phone Control: 

The self-balancing robot Kit has multiple functions, such as balances, moves, run with two wheels, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatically follow and wireless controlled by APP. You can use a Smart Phone to control the car's movement. 

4) Strong Load:

The top layer can load things or DIY extension by yourself, it has strong load balancing capacity. The balancing car can carry items to drive, such as boxes, books, toys, etc. 

5) Powerful Motor: 

For the balancing car, the powerful motor is better than the fancy description, the balancing car adopts the precise high-power motor, which has excellent performance.

Products Paramenters:

1. Working voltage: DC 9-12V 

2. Motor type: precise 12V DC motor 

3. Body posture detection module: MPU-6050 

4. Control mode: HC-06 wireless communication 

HC-06 Module: 

The balancing car kit uses the wireless module, can easily communicate with smart phone, the

phone can control the movement of the car by APP. 

MPU-6050 Module: 

Good motion processing module, it measures and reports the car's balance parameter, like velocity, orientation and gravity.

Package list:
1 x Newest Type C Nano V3 Board
1x Pbot-3.0 expansion board
1 x HC-06 Wireless Module
1 x MPU6050 Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor Module
1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module
2 x 12V Motor with high quality wheels
1 x 18650×3 Battery Holder
1 x Set Acrylic Plates
(18650 batteries are NOT included, and you are advised to prepare by yourself )