NVIDIA Jetson NANO HD AI camera 800M CSI interface IMX219

449 kr

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This camera is suitable for Jetson Nano. It adopts Sony IMX219 chip and CSI interface. The pixel is 800W, resolution is 1080P, and the field of view angle is 77°. It can be used to neural network, AI vision, real-time image recognition, AI smart robot cars and other fields. We will provide a transparent acrylic bracket for the camera, which can be mounted on the acrylic case of the Jetton Nano.


  • Camera for the Jetson Nano development board
  • Sony IMX219 chip, CSI interface
  • 800W pixels, 1080P resolution, 77°view angle
  • Wide range of applications
  • A reliable and beautiful acrylic bracket will be provided.

Package list

Jetson Nano camera *1

Acrylic bracket components *7

Screw/Nut *n