Official M5Stack ATOM Tail485 Converting RS485 Signals to TTL RS485

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Tail485 is an RS485 converter designed for ATOM, which is used for converting RS485 signals to TTL. RS485 is a standard defining the electrical characteristics of drivers and receivers for use in serial communications systems, widely used in the industrial field. It facilitates long-distance communication in electrically noisy environments. Multipoint systems are supported. When the project equipment needs to communicate and control through RS485, it is a good choice to use RS485 unit for interface type switching. A DC / DC voltage regulator chip is integrated in the tail485 module, which can directly convert the 12V voltage of RS485 to 5V to supply power for USB type C interface, avoiding the inconvenience of a separate power supply.

Product Features

  • Adapted for ATOM form factor
  • Built in DC / DC
  • SP485EEN-L


  • 1x Tail485


  • RS485 Multipoint communication


External portVH-3.96 4P
Conversion level5V<->12V
Line Transceiver ICSP485EEN-L
Step-down ICAOZ1282CI
Size30 x 24 x 9mm
Case materialPlastic ( PC )