Perf-V Based on Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA RISC-V opensource

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Perf-V is a FPGA demo board designed for RISC-V opensource community by PerfXLab. It integrates various peripheral chips and offers many interfaces. Perf-V has great flexibility and transplant multiple architectures. We prepare abundant materials for you to learn out product and offer a perfect experiment platform for the design of RISC-V and FPGA products. It is preferred hardware for you to study, develop programs and make a DEMO.


  • It uses Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, Vivado software development, and is designed for the RISC-V open-source community and FPGA learning enthusiasts design development board.
  • It Integrates a variety of peripheral chips to provide a rich set of peripheral interfaces, including PMOD, Arduino, JTAG, UART interfaces, and high-speed interfaces for expansion of HDMI, VGA, USB2.0/3.0, camera, Bluetooth, expansion boards, etc. Strong flexibility.
  • Based on Perf-V’s self-developed smart car, it can use mobile phone Bluetooth to control the movement of the car and can realize automatic tracing and obstacle avoidance functions.
  • It successfully ports a variety of RISC-V architectures, providing a good experimental platform for RISC-V processor design and FPGA product development, and is the preferred hardware for learning, scientific research, project development, and DEMO solutions.
  • There is a variety of modules available for selection, powerful, rich learning materials, complete experimental routines, cost-effective;
  • It is for electronic design engineers, hardware DIY enthusiasts, all kinds of enthusiasts, college teachers and students and other groups.

Main Chips

FPGA1XC7A35T-1FTG256CLogic Cells33280


Block RAM(Kb)1800

XC7A50T-1FTG256CLogic Cells52160


Block RAM(Kb)2700

XC7A75T-1FTG256CLogic Cells75520


Block RAM(Kb)3780

XC7A100T-1FTG256CLogic Cells101440
Block RAM(Kb)4680
FPGA FLASH1N25Q064A8MB(64Mbit)
RISC-V FLASH1N25Q064A8MB(64Mbit)

Part List

1 x Perf-V Board

1 x Download burner