USB GPS Receiver (Compatible with Raspberry Pi/ Jetson Nano)

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This GPS receiver brings much more accurate and faster positioning performance with stronger signal compared with traditional GPS receivers. It is compact, lightweight and portable. Integrated with built-in receiving antenna, this product adopts a high-precision positioning chip and industrial-grade manufacturing process so that it can meet the positioning requirements of both industrial-grade and personal use. The GPS receiver has battery inside for supplying power for storing satellite data, such as satellite signal status, final position and time that would greatly increase the positioning speed at the module’s next boot. In addition, this receiver adopts USB interface, which can be conveniently used in maincontrollers like Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA, LattePanda. It is suitable for vehicle navigation, handheld positioning, wearable devices and other fields.

USB GPS Receiver



  • Chip: UBX-G7020-KT
  • Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz/L2,1561.10MHZ/L3,1602.00MHZ
  • Baud Rate: 4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200bps
  • Receiving Channel: 56CH
  • Sensitivity: tracking -162dBm; Acquisition: 160dBm; cold start: -148dBm 
  • Cold Start: 29s average
  • Warm Start: 3s average
  • Hot Start: 1s average
  • Accuracy: horizontal position accuracy<2.5M, SBAS<2.0M 

                          Timing Accuracy: 30ns

  • Update Rate: 1Hz
  • Outline Dimension: 60×24×9mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃



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