Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot Tank with 7 inch screen and Lidar Depth camera with Nvidia Jetson NANO 4GB B01

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Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot Tank With  Depth camera and with Robotic arm + 7 inch screen and with  Jetson NANO 4GB B01.Transbot is a crawler off-road r

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Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot Tank With  Depth camera and with Robotic arm + 7 inch screen and with  Jetson NANO 4GB B01.

Transbot is a crawler off-road robot based on ROS(robot operating system), which is designed for ROS enthusiasts and robot players. It is equipped with high-performance hardware configurations such as NVIDIA Jetson NANO, Lidar, HD camera/depth camera, etc., which can realize applications such as robot motion control, remote communication, mapping navigation, following-avoiding, autopilot and robotic arm MoveIt simulation. A lot of teaching course documents and videos to help you get started with ROS easily.


Crawler style, support for quick assembly robotic arm: 

The whole car is made of green aluminum alloy oxide material, supports install robotic arm, 2DOF camera pan/tilt, 7-inch screen and so on. Users can debug the car anytime and anywhere.

Professional hardware configuration: 

SLAM lidar, HD camera/depth camera, powerful coding gear motor, metal servo, and Yaboom robot expansion board, etc.

Based on ROS (robot operating system):

We cleverly used Rviz, Movelt, and Qt toolboxes in robot operating system to realize the joint control of the robotic arm Movelt simulation and the real machine.

Wonderful AI functions: 

Lidar avoiding, fixed-point navigation, bone detection, finger following, camera calibration, 3D visual mapping navigation, etc.

Cross-platform interconnection control:

Mobile remote control APP integrated with a variety of AI functions; handle control that can experience the FPV real-time visual effects; JupyterLab online programming and robot operating system control.

Detailed video teaching courses:

We provide 64 video tutorials and detailed documents. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ROS player, you can easily use this robot.



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