Keyestudio DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit Frog Robot compatible with Arduino Nano

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What an amazing Otto Frog Robot that is coming!

This kit provides a perfect opportunity to build your very first robot, and it makes the process of learning about robotics easy, interactive, and FUN!

The kit is based on the keyestudio nano ch340, compatible with both Arduino open-source platform and Mixly Blocks coding.

You can program your own robot to walk, dance and follow obstacle, easy to build and code. No prior tech experience required!

Through play and experimentation children can exercise computational thinking and put skills into practice that are necessary for problem solving.


  • Voltage input: DC 7-12V
  • Ultrasonic module for measuring the front obstacle distance, forming obstacle avoiding system;
  • Pairing HM-10 Bluetooth module with mobile Bluetooth to navigate the frog robot;
  • Providing the mobile APP compatible with both Android and mac system;
  • The NANO shield extends 12 digital pins and 8 analog pins into 3pin header, easy to connect a couple of sensor modules for projects extension;
  • The NANO shield comes with an I2C communication pin, able to connect I2C communication module for experiment extension.