52Pi Original Acrylic ABS Case for Raspberry Pi 4 with DC 5V Cooling Fan

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Låda som passa perfekt för den nya Raspberry Pi 4

  • Compatible with the Newest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.
  • A protective case is easy to assemble.
  • Material: Top & Bottom are clear acrylic layers; the Middle is ABS plastic layers.
  • Access to all Pi Ports: Power, Video/Audio, USB, LAN, MicroSD Card
  • High-Quality Acrylic case with fan secures your Raspberry Pi Board
  • Great heat dissipation performance. Comes with assembly screwdriver


  • Brand New And High Quality
  • Acrylic Brown Case with Cooling Fan
  • Special Design To Install A Cooling Fan
  • The Cooling Fan is DC 5V (30*30*7mm)
  • Case Material: Acrylic (Clear Parts) & ABS Plastic (Black Parts inside)
  • Case Color: Black

[Package Includes]

  • Notice: Raspberry Pi Board is NOT included
  • 1 x Black Acrylic Case
  • 1 x DC 5V Cooling Fan (30*30*7mm)
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x 4 pcs of Heatsink Set (For Raspberry Pi 4B)