CamJam EduKit #1

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The CamJam EduKit is your way into the world of building electronic circuits and programming the Raspberry Pi in Python.

The CamJam EduKit features the following components all neatly packaged in a tin:

• A 400pt breadboard

• 3 LEDs (Red, Yellow and Green)

• A button

• A buzzer

• Resistors and jumper cables

The kit is accompanied by a set of downloadable worksheets that will take you through a series of exercises from writing a simple program in the Python programming language to lighting up LEDs, reading button presses and making a buzzer go beep! Whereas other products come pre-assembled, the CamJam EduKit introduces you to the world of breadboarding and building electronic circuits yourself, which we think is much more exciting!

All the worksheets are freely available to download from

The CamJam EduKit is a joint venture between The Pi Hut and the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (CamJam). Profits from the sale of the kit will go to CamJam so that they can continue their educational and community work.