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Utvärderingskort baserat på FT232, En högpresterande kostnadseffektiv lösning för USB till UART.

Evaluation Board Based on FT232, A High-performance Cost-effective Solution for USB TO UART.

FT232 EVAL BOARD ger en högpresterande kostnadseffektiv lösning för USB TO UART. Den är baserad på FT232RL-chipet och kommer förhoppningsvis att tillåta att FT232-enheten är full potential innan den används i din prototyp.

FT232 Features
The FT232RL is a USB to serial UART interface with the following advanced features:

Single chip USB to asynchronous serial data transfer interface.
Data transfer rates from 300 baud to 3 Megabaud (RS422 / RS485 and at TTL levels) and 300 baud to 1 Megabaud (RS232).
Integrated 1024 bit internal EEPROM for I/O configuration and storing USB VID, PID, serial number and product description strings.
Integrated level converter on UART and CBUS for interfacing to 5V - 1.8V Logic.
High I/O pin output drive option.
Integrated power-on-reset circuit.
Fully integrated clock - no external crystal, oscillator, or resonator required.
Fully integrated AVCC supply filtering - No separate AVCC pin and no external R-C filter required.

What's On Board

  • Power
    • Powered from USB bus
    • Voltage level is configurable via on-board jumper, VCC or 3.3V
  • Onboard Chips
    • FT232RL, USB to serial UART interface device with integrated EEPROM, level converter, and clock
    • MAX3232, True RS232-UART Transceivers
  • Interfaces
    • USB connector
    • RS232 connector, DB9 standard
  • Human to Machine Interface
    • Indicator LEDs: TXDLED, RXDLED
  • Others
    • CUBS and controlling port of the FT232 are connected to pin headers, convenient for development


Development Resources

Schematic Circuit Diagram

     Designed by using PROTEL99

     Provides IMG format or Protel SchDoc format


     FTDI's royalty-free Virtual Com Port (VCP) driver

     Direct (D2XX) driver

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