FTDI Basic Program Downloader USB to TTL FT232 / FT232RL

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With the development of computer technology, parallel port and a serial port on the PC slowly disappeared, and now even desktop computers are a less parallel port. But for engineers, parallel ports and serial ports are essential interfaces, especially serial ports. There is no computer, convenient solution is to use USB to serial chip to a virtual serial port, many manufacturers are producing such chips, such as silicon LABS, TI TUSB3410, CP210x series Nanjing qinheng CH34x series, FTDI FT232 series, Prolific series, PL230x ARK3116 Aike etc.. From the point of view of stability, or FT232 series is the most reliable, you can use it to ease the debugger, without worrying about the blue screen.

FT232R chip is a single chip solution, the general use of basic, no peripherals, and even crystal, USB matching resistors, placed product information EEPROM has been integrated into the interior. FT232R also has some of the more useful features that can be found in the FT232R databook.

Main Features

  • Standard interface, compatible with various Arduino official controllers
  • Original FT232RL chip, stable performance
  • With power supply, send and receive indicator light, the working state is clear
  • Can do ordinary USB serial port, TTL module use, download the STC microcontroller
  • FT232RL chip all signal port, TTL/CMOS level;
  • RXD/TXD transceiver communication indicator;
  • USB power supply, optional 5V or 3.3V interface level (if other levels are needed, the target voltage can be directly supplied on the VCC and GND pins).