Grove Shield for Particle Mesh

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The Grove Shield for Particle Mesh is a Particle Mesh breakout in the form of Grove connector. Now you can use hundreds of Grove modules with Particle Mesh.

Forget about breadboard and soldering iron, work with Grove requires no soldering and minimal wiring. Just plug the sensors, actuators, or displays into this shield via the Grove cable, then you can focus on coding and creation.

There are 8 Grove connectors on this shield, including:

  • 3 Grove analog connectors, 2 analog pins each, 6 analog pins in total
  • 2 Grove digital connectors, 2 digital pins each, 4 digital pins in total;
  • 2 Grove I2C connectors
  • 1 Grove UART connector

This tiny shield will combine the Particle Mesh with the whole Grove System and unleash your imagination..


  • 8 Grove connectors
  • 3.3V compatible
  • Easy to use

Hardware Overview

Grove Shield for Particle Mesh Schematic 

User Guide