OpenCV AI Kit OAK-D-Lite Depth AI OAK

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OpenCV AI Kit OAK-D-Lite: OV7251×2+IMX214+Intel Movidius Myriad X for Depth AI OAKNote: The product is now for presale and the estimated delivery date is a

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OpenCV AI Kit OAK-D-Lite: OV7251×2+IMX214+Intel Movidius Myriad X for Depth AI OAK

Note: The product is now for presale and the estimated delivery date is at the beginning of January 2022

  • Depth camera: OV7251
  • Color camera: IMX214
  • AI chip: Intel Myriad X 4T
  • Video codec: 4K@30fps, H265
  • NN platform supports: All platform
  • interface: USB3.0
  • Power consumption: 2.5W
  • Development language: Python C++
  • Development Platform: Win10/Linux/macOS/RPI and more


3-Click Setup

You’re up and running in 3 clicks.  On Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows & Linux.  

It just works.  And it’s open source – so you can dig in and change anything you want.

Packs a Punch 

Tons of Power.  Tons of Examples.  You’re up and running in 30 seconds:

3D Object Detection 

3D object detection is what humans do.  We know where objects are – and where they are in physical space.  It’s why we can pick up a coffee cup, or catch a ball.

3D Object Pose

Get the pose of objects in yaw, pitch, and role – in addition to where they are in physical space.

3D Semantic Segmentation

3D depth information that is semantically labeled per pixel.  This allows your robot to stay on the sidewalk, or know when there’s some object in your path.

Human Pose Estimation  

Track hands and/or full body pose in full 3D coordinates.

3D Human Pose Estimation  

Motion Capture – without any additional hardware/sensors/etc. with direct Unity tie-in.

3D Hand Pose Estimation

The possibilities are endless.  From keeping hands safe – to all sorts of interactive control.

3D Manipulation and Control    

Pair with a holographic display from the Looking Glass Factory… and make the future now. 

3D Gaze Estimation  

Someone giving you elevator eyes?  Now your robot can know this too.  Or your smart dash cam. Or your assistive robot that will grab what you’re looking at.

3D Vehicle Detection 

Know the full speed, trajectory, and vehicle type/color, license plate region/province, and plate number.  

3D Pedestrian Detection     

The spatial data of OAK-D-Lite doing privacy-first analytics of dwell time (in physical space), the direction of travel, and people counting – including direction, travel speed, and interest estimation.

3D Edge Detection 

Edge detection is useful in so many ways.  Find the edge of the lane, use it to better get 3D locations of objects (semantic labeling to the edge), or just have a fantastic real-time techno dance party.  It’s incredibly fun and fascinating to play with.

3D Feature Tracking

This allows your robot to orient itself, and know how it’s moving, visually.  Just like Lionel Messi does when sprinting a field, now your thing can too.

Onboard 4K Video Encoding    

This alone is a reason to have an OAK-D-Lite (or 10) in your toolbox (or schoolbox) – you can now record 4k video on a Pi Zero!   373MB/s  -> 3.125MB/s – all on-camera.  h.264, h.265, MJPEG, JPEG, and lossless JPEG at up to 13MP. 

Disparity Depth (Global Shutter For Fast Motion)        

Depth+ AI Driven Focus for Perfect Shots    

Face Recognition    

Lossless Zoom     

The built-in 13MP color camera can be lossless zoomed 6x and panned – all guided by AI and with 1080p HD or 4k encoded output.

Anonymize On-Device for Privacy-First Recordings   


The onboard AI can be used to automatically blur faces (or any other details) prior to video encoding – to allow having a video of what you need (e.g. is the product damaged?) without sacrificing the privacy of people.

ROS1 and ROS2 Plug&Play 

Your imagination is the only limit.  OAK—D. LITE gives you a human-like perception as a building block.  
From minute 0.

Learn By Doing – The Perfect Gift for Kids 

The Open Source Cortic AI Toolkit allows you to drag and drop to make powerful custom applications.  And better yet, also runs on Raspberry Pi – a perfect pairing for OAK-D Lite.

Control Anything With Gestures – From Anywhere

The DepthAI pipeline builder allows you to do things like below.  Where a person is found, then the limbs are found, and then from there the hand is found, and from there a hand-pose (and/or sign-language) model is run on the hand.  The 13 MegaPixel helps a TON here – to have enough pixels left after the whole pipeline has effectively 40x zoomed. 

Make Your Drone Super Smart

Augmented Startups even has a course on building what you see below yourself with OAK-D-Lite.  

Make Mini Pupper As Smart as a Border Collie

Seriously.  The Mini Pupper is already a blast. But with OAK-D-Lite vision, it’s now your Border-Collie-level smart robotic dog. Border Collies are amazing because they can learn very specific hand signals (and they’re neurotic about them). Now Mini Pupper can be just as amazing (and neurotic)! 

Make Multiplayer VR, AR, XR 

Knowing what things are, and where – in real-time on a low-cost device – has the promise of allowing all sorts of multi-player experiences.  Imagine if Laser Tag was no longer tech from the 1980s?  We think OAK-D-Lite will help here. 

Make Your Robot Fun and Interactive 

The built-in AI unlocks all sorts of fun applications.  Your imagination is the only limit. 

Make an Autonomous Lawn Mower

Finally… a Roomba for your back yard. And you can make one! 

Perform Sports Analytics 

The global shutter cameras – which give depth at over 200FPS – allow the device to see at speeds that a human can. So just like a person can track a ping pong ball in physical space – OAK-D-Lite can too. But since it’s tech-based, it can record the position of the ball at 200+FPS. Full trajectory and speed of your shots!

Enable Your Robot to Navigate Autonomously 

Feature tracking, depth, object detection in 3D space.  OAK-D-Lite is like a cheat mode for robotic navigation.   

Communicate Holographically with The Looking Glass Factory

The Looking Glass Factory has solved the Holographic part.  But the capture part of holograms is still painful.  We think that over time – and with community support – OAK-D-Lite will be a piece of allowing real-time Holographic communication for the first time.

Here’s our 3D Engineer Sachin on the Looking Glass Portrait.  

Give Unity Spatial AI Super Powers  

Figure Out Where You Are Without GPS

Using the feature tracking above – and an external IMU – it is now possible to estimate your (robot’s) position without GPS.

Make Wheelchairs Smart and Safe

Depth and AI allow making powered wheelchairs automatically prevent commands that would cause harm (like an errant comment that would bring the wheelchair down a flight of stairs).  

Translate Sign Language and Track it in 3D Space

Not kidding.  It can do this.  And Cortic Technology makes an Open Source education platform that makes building this easier than building the lego that holds OAK-D-Lite 

Monitor Life-Signs Passively and Safely

Keep pre-term babies safe using human-like perception to know if everything is OK. This allows not having potentially dangerous, invasive monitoring. And also acts as a force multiplier for doctors, nurses and parents.  

Monitor Pulse Visually

We actually didn’t believe this one at first. It’s crazy such a thing can be detected passively.

Monitor Breathing Health Passively

The combination of depth and artificial intelligence allows you to monitor things that previously would feel like science fiction. Identify the sections of the chest with AI, and use depth to know the breathing profile over time.

Improve the Well-Being of Animals

Just like helping people.  This can be used to know when animals are stressed, injured, or otherwise have a health problem – by monitoring behavior and activity in physical space. 

Make a Dash Cam That Helps Keep Everyone Safe

Build off of OAK, bluebox Co-pilot keeps your vehicle safe, you safe, and can automatically log (other) aggressive drivers and dangerous situations.   

Give Legos Super Powers

This is what we all dreamed of as kids.  It’s now possible.  So jealous.   

Translate Semaphore Alphabet 

Yep, in 3D Space too.  We didn’t even know this was a thing.  But OAK-D-Lite can do it. Thanks to geax.  Gotta love open source.

Film Wildlife Automatically

The GIF doesn’t do it justice.  This is a beautiful 4K video. 

Automatically record 4k videos and/or beautiful 13MP JPEGs when certain species are detected.

Pick Strawberries

Pick only the ripe ones.   Sort by ripeness.  Avoid people with Strawberry Allergies.  

Detect Pests in Your Garden or Farm

Lasers instead of harmful chemicals.  Feels like science fiction.  It’s the future. 

Estimate Biomass for Smart Agriculture 

This one is above our heads.  But super cool and agriculture geeks have to love this, right?   

Efficiently Sort & Pack Parcel 

We get this one.  Algorithms are great at packing.  Given them the information they need, real-time.  Let robotics pack for us!  

Improve Your Workouts 

I can’t touch my toes.  With OAK-D-Lite… maybe I’ll be able to.

Explore the Ocean 

Only some tiny portion of the Ocean is explored.  No, really.  IPOZ is changing that with OAK technology.   

Control Your Robots with Your Hands 

When we saw this we were blown away!  We couldn’t control ourselves. Thanks, Boris! 

Did We Mention ROBOTS?  🤖 ⚡️ 🤖  

Detect Falls While Respecting Privacy 

Depth view gives an idea of what is happening – while respecting privacy.  And you can just send metadata instead of images at all.  

Improve Your Manufacturing Process 

AI for detecting defects is great.  But often without depth, the error rate is just too high.  Depth is the missing piece – a piece that humans have – which allows the accuracy to be sufficiently high to finally be useful.  

Save Hands and Limbs

The capability to mimic a human-like understanding of what things are and where enables tons of human-machine safety applications.  

Count Crowds – And Return Meta Data

Since the counting is done on-device – there’s actually no need to return anything more than the metadata itself (the crowd count).  Enabling communication over extremely-low bandwidth links like LoRa. 

Keep People Safe from Distracted Drivers

This is what started it all. And it remains our North Star. Distracted driving causes fender benders when between cars. When between a car and a person, it kills. 

Spatial AI can be used to change the course of history as it’s happening. To prevent accidents as they were going to occur.


OAK—D. LITE is built on the open-source DepthAI ecosystem, with out-of-the-box supported by the following frameworks, but since the API (and hardware) are open-source, it’s easy to extend support to nearly any language & framework.

Out-of-the-box Python, C++, Java, ROS & ROS2, Roboflow, CEP Support


Any Operating System

Works with any OS.  You name it.  Pre-built binaries are regularly released for Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi OS, and the Jetson series.  

And since it’s heavily open source (including being able to download the design files), every day we wake up to some new integration with a new language, or suite of tools, etc.  
There’s a famous adage that any useful technology will eventually send an email and be available in Javascript… both of which are true here.

Custom Cameras

We worked hand-in-hand with ArduCam to design cameras from the ground up for OAK-D Lite.  

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design of OAK-D Lite was highly iterative – taking in feedback from Alpha testing and initial field deployments of the first prototypes built to refine to the final design.