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This smart home starter kit is a DIY building integrated smart house kit based on wooden materials. It is suitable for Arduino beginners to quickly experience and build interesting projects. 

You can implement up to 17 programming projects. Suitable for school kit from age 6 years. 

1. Display temperature and humidity through 1602LCD

2. Control the door switch through the RFID module

3. When a high-concentration smoke signal is detected by the MQ-2 gas sensor, the buzzer will emit a "tick, tick" alarm sound and the fan module will be activated to dissipate the smoke.

More features are waiting for you to explore!


1. The home automation system kit is equipped with Zhiyi Type-c V3 control board, sensor expansion board and hundreds of sensors/actuators, such as LED, buzzer, relay, button module, 1602 I2C LCD module, gas detection module, Your application brings unlimited DIY possibilities.

2. You can follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to use programming to build IoT projects to make 17 interesting projects. Starting from building a basic LED flashing program, to a complex full-featured smart home with fan control, RFID, humidity detection, IR control and other functions!

3. Detailed instructions on how to assemble the house from scratch, including all necessary programs and codes, software and driver installation files. It is relatively easy to assemble. We provide a complete tutorial including the corresponding tools.

In the tutorial you find installation guide, wiring diagram and guide to with codes 17 projects.   


1.It's suitable for beginners to learn programming.

2.We provide customized services.3.Provide sample service and technical support.

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