Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Module For Jetson Nano, Stable 5V Power Output

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UPS Power Module For Jetson Nano, 5V Uninterruptible Power Supply, Multi Battery Protection CircuitsUninterruptible Power Supply For Jetson NanoPower Jetson Nan

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UPS Power Module For Jetson Nano, 5V Uninterruptible Power Supply, Multi Battery Protection Circuits

Uninterruptible Power Supply For Jetson Nano

Power Jetson Nano Seamlessly From Power Connection OR The Backup Batteries

Stable 5V Output, Real-Time OLED Monitor

Features At A Glance

  • I2C bus communication, monitoring the batteries voltage, current, power, and remaining capacity in real-time
  • 0.91" OLED for displaying info like batteries voltage, IP address, RAM usage, etc.
  • Multi battery protection circuits: over charge/discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, and reverse protection, along with the equalizing charge feature, more safe and stable
  • Onboard 5V regulator, up to 2.5A continuous output current
  • Batteries warning indicators, easy to check if the battery is connected correctly
  • Comes with development resources and manual


BATTERY SUPPORT18650 Li battery (NOT included)MOUNTING HOLE SIZE2.5mm

Uninterruptible Power

It is able to charge the batteries and provide power output at the same time from an external power supply
Automatically switch over to batteries output if the external power supply is unavailable, keeps the system running without any trouble

Designed For Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Mounting Holes Are Compatible With Jetson Nano Developer Kit
Communicating Via I2C Bus Through 6PIN Cable, No Other IO Pin Required

Real-Time Monitoring

0.91" OLED For Monitoring Batteries Voltage, Current, Power, Remaining Capacity...

When the voltage dips too low, it is possible to save files properly and then shutdown the system by software, to avoid any data loss

Safe And Stable Circuit Design

Protection Circuits For Over Charge/Discharge, Over Current, Short Circuit, And Reverse
Along With The Equalizing Charge Feature, More Safe And Stable

Longer Battery Life

Supports 4x 18650 Batteries

Outline Dimensions

Resources & Services

WIKI: www.waveshare.com/wiki/UPS_Power_Module

* Resources for different product may vary, please check the wiki page to confirm the actually provided resources.

Shipping list

Weight: 0.191 kg

  • The 18650 batteries are NOT included
  • Please note that the battery length SHOULD be less than 67mm, some batteries with protection plate in the market are NOT supported, learn more
  1. UPS Power Module x1
  2. 8.4V battery charger x1
  3. 6PIN 9cm cable x1
  4. Screws pack x1