RPI 4channel-Relay 5V Shield for Raspberry Pi

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This shield uses SONGLE relay, providing 4-channel input and output. The relays are isolated in the PCB. All the channels can control up to 24V DC or 250V AC on 10 A. It allows you to control high power components like lights and motors via Raspberry Pi 3. Just plug it directly into your pi with 5 V. You will find a LED indicates the status of the relays.

We will provide installation package, source code and quickstart guide PDF. We will teach you step by step, so don’t worry!



  • Control Signal: TTL Level
  • Rated Load:
 10A 250VAC  

 10A 125VAC    

 10A 30VDC    

 10A 28VDC  

  • Rated Current: 10A(NO) 5A(NC)
  • Max Switching Voltage: 250VAC 30VDC
  • Contact Time: under 10ms

Connection Diagram

The shield is on the top of Raspberry Pi board and fixed with copper pillar and screws as shown in below figure.


Support code 

Code support