Polysilicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), High Conversion Efficiency

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Polysilicon Solar Panel (18V 10W), 10Wp Power Photovoltaic Panel, High Conversion Efficiency.

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Solar cell type
10 Wp (Max)
Output power tolerance
Conversion efficiency
Operating voltage
17.6 V
Operating current
0.57 A
Open circuit voltage
21.6 V
Short circuit current
0.61 A
Cell quantity
36 (4×9)
Standard system voltage
1000 V (Max)
Operating temperature
-40℃ ~ +85℃
Pressure on panel
30m/s(200kg/sq.m) (Max)
Cable length
90 cm
Frame material
anodic oxidation aluminum alloy
340 × 232 × 17 mm
0.935 kg

Conversion Efficiency > 20%

Polysilicon Solar Panel, Widened Chips, Larger Receiving Area, Capturing Trivial Source

High Strength Frame

Anodic Oxidation Aluminum Alloy Material, Multi Layers Structure, Waterproof And Durable

Application Example


for reference ONLY, the Raspberry Pi, display, solar power manager are NOT included.

Outline Dimensions

* measured manually, for reference ONLY

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Shipping list

Alternative 1 

Weight: 0.935 kg

  1. Solar Panel (18V 10W) x1

Alternative 2

Weight: 0.935 kg

  1. Solar Panel (18V 10W) x1

Weight: 0.29 kg

2. Solar Power Manager (B) x1

3. Adapter x1